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LinuxAcademy is the best IT training institute in Toronto Canada, which provides a variety of IT trainings and Certifications at an affordable cost. We have well qualified and experienced faculties in various streams.

Being one of the best IT training institutes in Canada, we focus on offering you the best online class room experience to ensure that you will get the training under the experts. We are surely going to turn your ambitions into remarkable skills and goals into results with us. We provide you a wide range of career oriented courses as per the current IT industry requirements including Cyber Security, Cloud Engineering, Hardware and Networking, software engineering, Scripting, etc. LinuxAcademy is a certified and the best institute in Canada that can help you make a career in IT industry.

Why to choose LinuxAcademy

12 Years of experience in IT trainings

Focuses only on Job oriented and Hands-on IT trainings

Provides online Computer Labs for each student

Train students to pass the technical interview

Train students to troubleshoot and resolve real IT issues

Experienced and Certified Training experts

Satisfaction of students is first priority

Talk to People Who Have the Job You Want

Scan your LinkedIn network and talk to friends and family about your desired career change. Find someone who has the job you want and reach out to them to see if they'll meet up for an informational interview. This will help you figure out how they got the job you desire and help you start thinking about how you can replicate the steps they took to successfully secure the position.

Consider Getting a Guru

You can seek out a guru in your desired career role by joining a professional organization. A guru can help coach you through doing what you need to do to properly make the switch to your dream career. A guru can also help you network with the right people and set the right goals for yourself as you acquire skills and look for jobs.

Consider Getting Certified

Research and identify any applicable certification options. To start figuring out what kinds of certifications are out there and how those certifications can help make you a more marketable job candidate. The right certifications on your resume can make a world of difference if you're changing your career drastically.


In addition to setting up informational interviews and finding an IT guru, you should cast your net wider and introduce yourself to as many IT professionals as you can. Attend professional association events, networking gatherings and conferences.
LinkedIn can also be a great tool for digital networking. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and that you connect online with the people you meet at networking events.
Knowing the right people in the industry who can introduce you to hiring managers when positions open up can benefit your job search considerably.
In fact, according to LinkedIn, a 2016 survey revealed that 85 percent of jobseekers find their jobs through networking. Never doubt the power of expanding your network!

Get Hands-On Experience

Hands-on experience does not have to come from a full-time, paid position. You also can get it from volunteer positions, apprenticeships, part-time jobs and internships. Reach out to companies that could use your assistance while allowing you to learn on the job. Most IT jobs don't offer paid training at the beginning of your employment, but some do. Look into your desired field and see if employer-sponsored training is a possibility.

Be Persistent

Set specific, actionable goals and do your best to achieve them on a set timeline. Even if you encounter hurdles as you're venturing into the realm of information technology jobs, keep going and don't give up. With the right amount of effort and persistence, switching careers into IT is possible, and so is conquering all of the career goals you set for yourself.

Be Patient

Remember that changing careers takes time, patience and practice. You also don't want to overwhelm yourself by trying to take on too many new things at once. You can learn new skills in small doses over time, and be patient with yourself as you learn. Remember that everyone learns at their own pace, and no one has ever become an IT pro overnight.
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